About Kirk


Growing up in Boulder, CO Kirk was intrigued by the best players in the world and has been trying to solve the puzzle ever since. In his quest to perfect his game and that of others he spent time with and worked for many well known teachers such as Paul Runyan, Jimmy Ballard, Hank Haney, Jack Lumpkin, and the reclusive Mo Norman. He feels he’s gained knowledge from each of them but he continues to study and improve his teaching skills every day.

Kirk doesn’t subscribe to any particular philosophy in his teaching. What has made him successful is his method of first studying the person and then deciding the best way to teach them.

Jonathan Byrd, while a student of Kirk’s from 2000 to 2008,  won one tournament on the Buy.com tour and three on the PGA tour.

Kirk also taught several LPGA players, including Val Skinner, who had two wins while under Kirk’s tutelage.

What Kris Tschetter says about Kirk’s teaching:

He is the best teacher I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with some good ones!

He looks at a swing and comes up with a plan to make it better in the most efficient way possible. He does this by fixing the root problem, rather than the symptoms. This in turn, allows his students to play well, as they are making changes in their swing. He not only teaches people how to swing, he teaches them how to play the game by teaching them a variety of different shots.