Kris and Ben Hogan

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Ben Hogan was perhaps the greatest golfer of all time, and he was also one of the most private. These are the Hogan stories that you’ve never heard, stories that unlock the mystery to who he was as a person.

As a collegiate golfer in the 1980’s, Kris Tschetter was fortunate enough to become a  member at the prestigious Shady Oaks Country Club in Texas where Ben Hogan was a member. There was an unwritten rule at the club: don’t bother Mr. Hogan. However, 18-year-old Tschetter was unaware of the spell he held over the golf world when she first passed him in the halls of Shady Oaks. Maybe it was Tschetter’s work ethic, or maybe just her youthful enthusiasm, but Hogan noticed her practicing and offered to help her with her swing. Over time she penetrated the tough exterior of the golfer know as the “Hawk” and the “Wee Ice Mon” and a unique friendship began.

By the time Tschetter met Mr. Hogan he was in his 70’s, and although his golf swing hadn’t changed, his enthusiasm for the game had waned. The two spent countless hours practicing together on the “little nine” at Shady Oaks, and Tschetter saw a side of Mr. Hogan that few ever knew.  While he taught her priceless lessons on golf and life, she helped him recapture his passion for the game by giving him the chance to take the journey all over again.  MR. HOGAN, THE MAN I KNEW sets the record straight about this American icon, revealing his humor and sensitivity. It captures the magical connection that sometimes happens in life in a truly beautiful story about an unlikely friendship between two very different people who shared the   same passion.

Kris Tschetter has been an LPGA touring professional since 1988. A fan favorite, Kris is also the founder of the Kris Tschetter Celebrity Golf Benefit for Kids. She lives in Warrenton, Virginia with her husband and their two children.
Steve Eubanks is a former PGA pro who has written thirty books including Hot Laps a Stockcar Thriller   and Augusta: Home of the Masters Tournament. He lives in Peachtree City, Georgia.


For decades golfers have searched for Hogan’s “secret,” the key to his unparalleled ball striking.   The reader will discover that the real secret lies in who Ben Hogan was as a person.


“This young lady obviously knew my friend, Ben, very well. Her anecdotes demonstrate his genuine character.  I found her book delightful.” – Jackie Burke, PGA Golfer of the Year, 1956

“You don’t have to know the difference between a hook and a fade or a birdie and an eagle to enjoy this heartfelt story about an unexpected and unlikely friendship between two people in different stages of their lives, brought together by the game of golf. ”  –Linda Cohn, ESPN Sportscaster

“It’s not only the best ‘golf’ book I’ve ever read, it also unveils a Hogan his legions of fans and followers never knew.” –Jim Mahoney

“I never tire of hearing Hogan stories. These stories are special, though. My profound thanks to Kris for sharing her personal thoughts and remembrances of a man so few knew well. This book finally brings to light his humorous and sensitive side. I loved it.”
Ben Crenshaw, Masters Champion, 1984 and 1995